Suits Build Dates: 02/2011 Onwards
Engine: 2.0ltr Twin Turbo Diesel or 3.0ltr Turbocharged V6 Diesel

Tuning Options

- Custom Dyno Tune / ECU Remap
- Upgraded Exhaust System
- On-Car "De - Soot" / Carbon Removal
- Aftermarket Options
- Performance Upgrades


2.0ltr Twin Turbo Diesel Average Results In Stock Form:

Maximum torque: 375Nm
Maximum power: 85kW

Talk to the team at Ultimate Diesel Tuning today to increase these stock figures! And for more exact results check out the dyno sheet below.



– More power & torque, safely & reliably!
– Reduced turbo lag
– Improved throttle response
– Better fuel economy (in most cases)
– Safer towing & easier overtaking
– EGR & DPF recalibration
– Each vehicle is custom dyno tuned individually by our dyno tuner, using our master equipment & one of our in-house dynos!

Ultimate Diesel Tuning - Volkswagen Amarok

Upgraded Exhaust System

Quality, well-fitting, 3″ mandrel bent system in high grade stainless steel. Variety of configurations to choose from.

On-Car "De-Soot" / Carbon Removal

The UDT “DE-SOOT” treatment is a comprehensive process that uses specially formulated & powerful chemicals that are applied to your engine & circulated through it via a special machine. This procedure will clean your engine’s entire intake system, freeing it of the restrictive carbon “soot” deposits that build-up over time, causing substantial loss in torque & power & poor fuel economy. After the procedure is finished, we will renew your engine oil & oil filter to rid your engine of any left-over contaminates. This procedure will restore “like new” performance for your engine, giving you back your missing torque & power & restoring your fuel economy!

Aftermarket Options & Performance Upgrades

Intercooler Upgrade
K&N Air Filter Upgrade
Oil Catch Can
Suspension Lift Kit
Clutch Kit Upgrade
Plus more…

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