Get Your Fuel Economy & Performance Back!

Has your diesel engine done over 50,000ks? It is heavy on fuel? Does it feel sluggish & is it blowing excessive black smoke? Do you want to get your economy, performance & driveability back to how it was when it was new?  Did you know that an Ultimate Diesel Tuning on-car chemical soot clean will do that for you?

That’s right, your bad economy & poor performance is most likely due to diesel “soot” contamination in the upper engine components & intake manifold areas. Our method of soot cleaning will completely remove this caked-on & restrictive soot out of your engine, from the EGR valve, to the intake manifold & all the way to the valves inside your cylinder head. Due to this contamination, air entering the engine is then restricted, which in turn causes the engine to run richer (too much fuel) & therefore unfortunately use excessive fuel. Our soot cleaning procedure will also correct the engine’s air:fuel ratios back to normal, which will restore your economy, power & torque!

Unlike other “soot cleaning” methods used in this industry, ours will actually WORK, guaranteed! Plus, there are NO expensive replacement parts required at all & the cylinder head does not require to be removed in order to remove the soot congregated onto the valves inside. We achieve this via our on-car machine, which circulates a specially formulated chemical blend through the engine, dissolving the soot & dissipating it out the exhaust as vapour. Safe & reliable, our procedure takes 3-4 hours & several litres of chemicals in total to perform & is very effective, ultimately also helping with the longevity of your engine. To finish off the job, we can offer recalibration of your EGR valve as well.

Then, if you would like to go one step further & enjoy the benefits of a very nice & noticeable gain in both power & torque, plus a reduction in that dangerous lag down low & even better economy; we will carry out a custom dyno tune for you to suit your goals with your car & how you would like us to tune it.

Finally, in order to end your engine’s “sooting up” issue once & for all, fitment of a quality oil catch-can is also required, which prevents the engine oil vapour that is produced (different to “soot”) from recirculating through the engine & mixing in with the EGR soot, as it is “caught” in the can.

In summary, this all means that you will never have to worry about your engine clogging up with soot ever again, plus you will get substantially more power & torque; an improvement in economy & we’ll improve your engine’s response as well!

We can perform each step individually, or we also offer a special package for all three. Called the “EGR Package Deal”, it includes a soot clean, a catch can & also a custom dyno tune. If you are interested in this deal to unlock your missing performance & restore your economy, for further information please click on the link below!

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