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Ultimate Diesel Tuning (UDT) is an Australian aftermarket turbo-diesel mechanical performance upgrade & custom dyno tuning company. Our performance centres have three fantastic locations with in-house dynos at both:  Geebung in Brisbane, Arundel in Gold Coast & Dandenong in Melbourne.






  • Warren Parrish Avatar
    Warren Parrish

    After recently having my Ranger PX11 engine flushed, tuned, new larger inter cooler and catch can installed for caravan towing I was presented with a copy of the dyno runs both before and after. To be completely honest the gains made didn’t really click with me until I drove home. Very impressive it’s improved drivability out of sight. Highly recommend the work these guys do.

    Mackenzie Kelly Avatar
    Mackenzie Kelly

    Amazing stuff got to meet rob from ultmate diesel at the 4x4 show expo they give really great grains amd power amd torque they al so do things for Your engine protection 💕🙊😘💜

    Elvis Pampling Avatar
    Elvis Pampling

    Had my 2018 rugged x at the geebung shop for a complete dyno tune and soot clean complete with a catch can and i can say the performance is incredible i totally recommend the guys and the team if u need your 4wd professionally tuned i will be definitely going back in the near future to get more work done

  • Joshua Taylor Avatar
    Joshua Taylor

    If you need to get reliable power and towing capabilities out of your RC Colorado, I definitely recommend going to UDT, I went to the team at Geebung and the blokes there hooked me up and the Rado feels a lot better, especially the driving experience!

    Cheers boys 🙂

    Len De Jong Avatar
    Len De Jong

    The car performed as well as I was told it would, was ready on time and I was treated in a professional manner.

    James Lord Avatar
    James Lord

    Dandenong team were fantastic and results surpassed expectations. Booking and follow-up very customer focused - will be back as have other needs.

  • Daniel Colman Avatar
    Daniel Colman

    Highly recommended the guys at UDT Geebung rob and the team worked wonders on our 2011 ford territory way better torque transfer which made gear shifts a lot smoother they basically removed the turbo lag so over taking is a breeze now and the fuel economy blew my mind I did a test on the way there reset the trip computer and avg fuel economy was 8.9 L/100km after the team worked there magic on the drive home the same route which was a 1.5hrs drive the car only slipped away at 6.6L/100km could be believe it I was hoping to see a little saving like low 8s or high 7s but mid 6s is amazing can’t wait to hook the camper up see how the towing difference is thanks guys couldn’t have asked for a better result.

    Nick Jordan Avatar
    Nick Jordan

    Gold Coast shop- I had the ‘chemical soot clean’ done to my LC200 due to having 200,000 km. I only had the budget to do this process or a tune. I opted for the clean for engine longevity that they claim, and due to claiming better fuel economy and power.

    Unfortunately no change in power or fuel economy whatsoever.

    Good friendly customer service though. But a lot of $$ for unseen results. I think if UDT claim better fuel economy and power from their soot clean method I think they should back it up by showing you the specs before and after which they don’t.

    Gerry Murphy Avatar
    Gerry Murphy

    My 2017 Ranger has 70,000 kms on the clock and wasn’t running as smooth as it had been.
    The guys from UDT gave the engine and manifold a good clean, fitted a catch can and did a UDT tune.
    They were clear and concise about what they were doing, it’s benefits and the cost.
    While it was there, they fitted bigger wheels, tyres and guard flares. They even had a small dent removed that I didn’t know was there!
    The car now runs so much smoother, it has zero hesitation on acceleration and flies up hills. It’s just overall much better.
    Thanks Rob and the UDT boys.

  • Wayne Cotton Avatar
    Wayne Cotton

    I had my 08 Jeep jku wrangler tuned and pre fuel filter and catch can installed by the Arundel workshop.

    They went above and beyond to get every request I asked of them into my Jeep and at the quoted price and after the tune my heavy Jeep with 250k km feels like a completely new car I was astonished!!


    Travis A Avatar
    Travis A

    I handed my brand new 2019 Wildtrack over to UDT for some aesthetic upgrades. Prompt service and replies from the team regarding the changes i wanted. Couldn't be happy with the end result.

    Will R Avatar
    Will R

    Fantastic service, Michael has been nothing but accommodating with all my silly questions. His customer service is top notch. Will definitely recommend ultimate diesel tuning Goldcoast to all my friends.

  • Adam Crew Avatar
    Adam Crew

    2010 Ford Ranger tuned, desoot and intercooler done a month ago. Have done about 2000km since and so far so good. the car is an absolute pleasure to drive now. the only negative is that the intercooler kit you supplied has cheap and nasty hose clamps. you could do better with something decent like t clamps. I have had my intercooler hose come off 2 times already so I will now be replacing all the hose clamps. given the cost of the kit it's irritating to now have to change part of it. Only a small issue but goes straight to reliability.

    Lance Wells Avatar
    Lance Wells

    Very happy with the customer service from Ultimate Diesel. My vehicle was in for a custom tuning and there were a few issues with my Turbo. The technician went out of his way and spent a few extra hours on it to try and give it the best possible outcome. Have rebooked in another service to recheck everything again at their request which was above and beyond.

    Gary Barber Avatar
    Gary Barber

    "Couldn't be happier with the results or the service I received. The Tune has improved my PX1 Ranger above all expectations Cheers"