ATTENTION 3.2L RANGER OWNERS? Want HUGE gains in power and torque?

The owner of this 2022 Ford Ranger PX3 (3.2-litre, 5 cylinder engine) had already had it tuned previously elsewhere, but he wasn’t happy with how it was performing. He wanted maximum power and torque out of it, but safely and reliably, so contacted our diesel experts for advice. The only way to achieve this with one of these engines, is by fitting of one of our UDT high-flowed turbochargers to it, along with a few other supporting mods such as an upgraded front-mount intercooler. The factory turbochargers on the 3.2L Rangers are notorious for reliability issues, even in standard form – they are weak. So, we developed our own high-flowed turbos as an upgrade, and they are exceptional with not only supplying huge increases in power and torque with the factory DPFs still in, as well as standard fuel systems, but also provide that very important reliability as well. We have also custom dyno tuned other brands of “high-flow turbos” for these engines but find that they don’t make that much of a difference, power and torque-wise, than the standard turbos do.

THE RESULTS: In standard form, this Ranger had 99 Kilowatts of power and 357 Newton meters of torque at the rear wheels. We will note here that before we fitted the intercooler and turbo and tuned it, we put it back to standard and ran it on our dyno, which are these figures. However, the other tune made around a 20% gain in both power and torque with the factory turbo, which is low – we usually achieve around 30% plus gains. After we fitted the upgraded PWR front mount intercooler and one of our UDT-branded high-flow turbos and then finished it off by carrying out a custom dyno tune to suit these mods and also what the vehicle’s uses are, it went up to 148 Kilowatts of power and 532 Newton meters of torque! This equates to 50% gains in both peak power and torque for this Ranger PX3! The owner is now extremely happy with its performance, and huge improvements in overall driveability.


+ 20%

+ 20%



Work Performed by Ultimate Diesel Tuning

UDT High Flow Turbo, Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler, UDT Custom Dyno Tune

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