Upgraded Intercooler Kits

Run Cooler. Run Efficiently. Consistent Power.


Benefits of a Upgraded Intercooler Kit by Ultimate Diesel Tuning.

Designed to reduce inlet temperatures & engine running temperatures, an upgraded intercooler is a sure way to improve the engine’s reliability & efficiency & provide more consistent & sustainable power. they come in two configurations:


These intercoolers are large & sit at the front of the vehicle. They are available in high quality “intercooler & piping” kits, or we can even mount the core & custom fabricate the intercooler piping to suit (in either stainless or alloy). If you use your vehicle for sealed road driving only (only occasional offroad use) & have no obstructive items fitted to the front of your vehicle such as a big bulbar or winch etc, then they are great for excellent air flow; pumping super fresh air straight through it & into the engine. However, for those who use their vehicle offroad regularly, they are more prone to impact damage from sticks & debris, plus it’s very easy to have mud contamination occur, which will restrict the airflow.


As the name suggests, these intercoolers are mounted on top of the engine with the intercooler being fed a supply of nice, fresh air. TMIC systems are also free from damage caused by off road enthusiasts because of the position of the mounting. The TMIC kits that we use & recommend here at UDT are very high quality & come with all required intercooler piping, the intercooler core, silicone joining hoses & clamps.


Frequently asked

Why get a Upgraded Intercooler Kit?

These Intercooler kits are highly effective at reducing intake air temperatures to the engine to ensure the vehicle gets more consistent and sustainable power. 

What is heat soak?

Heat soak simply refers to some part of the engine – or the engine as a whole – getting too hot. Combustion engines produce a lot of heat and that heat has to go somewhere. It soaks into metals and fluids. Eventually it becomes so hot that heat absorption drops, and the engine can no longer efficiently rid itself of excess heat.

How much gains do I get out of it?

Intercoolers don’t necessarily add power to the car, these will allow the cars to operate at peak power for longer as they will keep heat soak out of the engine. This will restore your robbed power, torque & economy immediately over a standard intercooler. 

The Ultimate Diesel Tuning DIFFERENCE.

Here at UDT, not only do we have several years of combined diesel custom dyno tuning & mechanical experience, but we have also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into required master tuning specialised equipment & staff training to achieve the best result possible for our customers.

At all of our performance centres, we have new in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometers (that cater for both 4WD & 2WD vehicles) & all tunes performed are custom to each vehicle (not a generic flashtune), carried out to not only ensure a great increase in power, torque & response; but also to ensure that the tune is safe & reliable as well. This means that your vehicle will be 100% custom dyno tuned PROPERLY & individually by our experienced tuners/engineers using our master equipment & our in-house dynos – we will also perform the custom dyno tune to YOUR requirements & goals, also with your engine condition/age in mind.

A custom dyno tune by UDT is NOT a generic tune from another vehicle that’s loaded into your ECU, with a provided “before” & “after” dyno sheet (which is unfortunately very common in this industry to do). 

We will ensure that you receive the best possible performance result, safely & reliably. We will totally transform your vehicle’s performance to the extent that if its ECU is put back to standard, you will notice the difference immediately – it will feel terrible to drive to you, it will be sluggish & you will feel that it’s very low on power! It is our experience & our attention to detail & care that we believe sets us apart from other workshops & tuners.

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