Suspension Lift Kits

Vehicle manufacturers are bringing out their independent front suspension (IFS) four-wheel drives with little ground clearance these days. A little more clearance would be great as a standard vehicle will bottom out in the ruts even on an easy tracks leading to popular family beach & camping spots! Designed to increase a vehicle’s ground clearance to enable steeper ascents or descents, fitment of a suspension “lift kit” involves replacement front & rear shocks & springs to raise the suspension. One of these is also fitted to help accommodate larger wheels & tyres, amongst other things. They also look pretty cool too! Be careful though as suspension lift kits can affect everything including highway performance & handling; gear ratios, overall weight & things such as brake lines, other driveline components & steering geometry.

You can also upgrade your vehicle’s suspension for a smoother/better ride, without adjusting the height. A lot of aftermarket brand’s shock absorbers are in fact heavier duty & more comfortable than the ones that come from the factory. These heavier duty replacement parts can be more suited to handle the weight of towing or other heavy load situations. Each suspension setup can be adjusted to suit exactly what you are going to use it for.

There are a lot of options available with regards to upgraded suspension for your vehicle so speak to us about which system will best be suited to your requirements.


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