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Ultimate Diesel Tuning – Redefining Diesel Performance

Ultimate Diesel Tuning (UDT) is an Australian aftermarket turbo-diesel mechanical performance upgrade & custom dyno tuning company. Our performance centres have three fantastic locations with in-house dynos at:  Geebung in Brisbane, Arundel in Gold Coast & Dandenong in Melbourne.

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  • Daniel Mena Avatar
    Daniel Mena

    Money well spent. My Amarok went from 0-100 in 11.7sec to 9.1. Towing my 23ft 3t caravan to 1770's got 14.7ltr/100k

    Cameron House Avatar
    Cameron House

    I been having issues with my triton and Thanks to matt I'm headed in the right direction.. Cheers

    David Rosenberg Avatar
    David Rosenberg

    Great service with a loan car and my 79 series now runs like a V8 was made to. Has better performance and reduced fuel consumption.

  • Warwick Thompson Avatar
    Warwick Thompson

    Just picked up my DMax from Ultimate Diesel Tuning at Geebung after having had it's Manifold soot clean-out, a system re-map and Dyno Towing Tune and, they weren't kidding when they told me I would notice a major difference in performance and responsiveness.

    Wow. It’s like, better than when it was new.

    The graph shows that their work has led to a 39% increase in kWs power at the wheels and a 46.06% increase in Nm torque.

    I can't wait to see how the fuel economy improves. My fuel consumption up until now (December 2014 to November 2019) has averaged 11.08 litres / 100 Kms.

    Looking forward to this being around the low 9's.

    Mitch Taaffe Avatar
    Mitch Taaffe

    Got my PX ranger tuned last week, so much nicer to drive and my fuel economy has gone from 9.8l/100ks to 8.2l/100ks. highly recommend these guys!

    Steven Wiesner Avatar
    Steven Wiesner

    I highly recommend this. My triton has heaps of get up and go. The best part is the fuel economy. I was getting a tank a week. Now I have only filled up once (just the other day) since getting a tune done three week ago.

  • Noel Hawes Avatar
    Noel Hawes

    Only just had the job done, so yet to be tested with the caravan on behind.

    However: the printed graph show an increase of 20kw of power & 105Nm of torque. This should do the job adequately - I’ll know more directly after my next towing experience.

    Fuel economy should also be dramatically improved.

    Ty Reynolds Avatar
    Ty Reynolds

    Took my laggy mn triton in to the Dandenong shop for a de-soot and tune, I don't think I got the right car back because the power and torque they got out of the ute was fantastic! These guys have great customer service and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family!

    Mal Davis Avatar
    Mal Davis
    positive review 

    i had a great experience at udt

  • Michael Claessens Avatar
    Michael Claessens

    Loving the work these guys in dandenong done on my triton. Even with the issues she gave them, they got her going beautifully xD will be recommending then to other people xD

    Chevy Thomas Avatar
    Chevy Thomas

    l was nervous about the tune and what it entailed. the guys talked me through what was going to happen. I was surprised at how silly the question it was answered as if it most important. I don't know much about diesel and I was surprised at how much the tune improved the performance and economy. I would recommend ultimate diesel tuning for their friendly service and their dedication to doing a great job

    Marcus Cole Avatar
    Marcus Cole

    Delivered 11/10 couldnt be happier with the tune and follow up service! Come here for the real deal custom diesel work

  • Jason Olsen Avatar
    Jason Olsen

    I rolled up last week after limping around in my 2014 MN Triton for the last two months with manifolds clogged to the gills with carbon in only 35,000km. Dealer didn't want to know about it as it's a known issue with Triton EGR's. Had already decided at the same time of doing the desoot to get an exhaust, catch can, secondary diesel filter, tune and K&N air filter. They all pair up to each other extremely well and the HPD products that ultimate stock along with the legendex exhausts are simply a fantastic piece of gear.

    Turned up on Thursday not expecting to have the car back till Tuesday and sure enough the boys had it finished by Friday and I grabbed it Monday morning. Goes like the absolutely bloody clappers now. Can't stop smiling and leaving everyone behind in a cloud of diesel Smoke, boy racers look out.

    Cheers for the hard work fellas and can't wait to come back for the rest of the toys


    Joel Fernance Avatar
    Joel Fernance

    Very helpful with all my questions and happy with how my ute drives now. Would recommend

    Ian Mcconnell Avatar
    Ian Mcconnell

    Well done to Corey an the team - my 2010 Triton GLX-R now can keep up with the everyday rocket ship ....
    Was @8.9 liters per 100 - now 7.1 per 100kms.
    Run my own business and now will recommend all diesel 4x4's to Ultimate Diesel - great job 🙂