Upgraded Turbos

Fitment of an upgraded turbo will provide even more power & torque for your diesel, once tuned to suit. There are several options available for turbocharger upgrades & here at UDT we have done extensive research & development on this topic.

We also manufacture our very own Ultimate Diesel Tuning-branded high-flow turbochargers that are available now for various models. Quite simply, our turbochargers not only provide fantastic increases in power & torque once tuned by us to suit; they also spool quicker (less lag) & hold boost for longer, amongst other advantages. Most of our kits are a direct fit bolt-on so they retain the standard exhaust manifold!

However, to gain the full potential of an upgraded turbocharger, other supporting modifications are required. Please contact us for further details!

Upgraded Actuators

With some engines, the standard turbo will suffice, but the standard turbo actuator prevents the engine from reaching its full potential when tuned. Therefore, utilising an upgraded actuator is a must for these applications. These are more efficient & provide a more stable & more consistent boost curve, contributing to a better result in power & torque, particularly in the mid-range.


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