Heavy Duty Clutch Kits

A clutch is a consumable item that isn’t going to last forever. Much like brake pads do, the plates on your factory OEM clutch will also wear down over time & this can happen prematurely as well. There are several factors that will wear a clutch out prematurely – hard launches, riding the clutch & resting your foot on the clutch pedal are some.

However, with some turbo diesel vehicles, an OEM clutch also will not be able to cope with the demands of increased torque. So if you own a 70 Series LandCruiser, HiLux or RG Colorado & you are looking at enhancing the performance of your engine, then a heavy-duty clutch upgrade is a must. The newfound torque that we will achieve for you will more than likely cause your factory clutch to start “slipping” – simply because it will not be able to handle the extra torque that is now being produced. Sometimes, a slipping clutch even happens on our dyno during the tuning procedure, which brings us to a complete halt! Due to this, we highly recommend that we upgrade your clutch kit during your booking with us, prior to the tuning procedure being carried out.

When it comes to clutch selection, take into consideration what your vehicle is used for – ie. from slow city/traffic driving to all-out 4×4ing. You’ll then need to choose an aftermarket unit with a great amount of increased clamping pressure to cope with your additional torque & you also want one that is tough & designed to last. With several options for kits available (clamping pressure, single-mass flywheel conversion etc.), speak to us about which option will suit you.

One other thing to note is that the heavy pedal feel of a “heavy-duty” clutch is somewhat a thing of the past now. With modern technology & the latest designs of heavy-duty clutches (especially with the reputable brands of clutches that we use here at UDT!), the pedal will feel like stock or better, yet with a LOT more clamping strength to handle your extra torque!


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