How we custom dyno tune a car!

Let’s talk about the experience you’ll get when you book your vehicle in at Ultimate Diesel Tuning for a custom dyno tune. It’s really important you get a good understanding of the process and how we do it! When you book your vehicle in at one of our performance centres, either over the phone or […]

Q&A About Tuning Common Rail Diesels

What exactly is a custom dyno tune? & how long does it take? At Ultimate Diesel Tuning we are able to customise the data in your factory ECU, controlling all of the engine’s parameters such as boost, fuel injection, torque limiters and much more. This allows complete customisation of the vehicle’s standard/factory ECU (Engine Control […]

What Is The Process For Tuning A Turbo Diesel Engine?

Each vehicle is individually custom dyno-tuned via our tuners/engineers, on one of our in-house dynos. This calibration is customised with a lot of factors considered, including the age/condition of the engine; what the vehicle is used for (ie. city driving, highway driving, 4x4ing, towing etc.); & how the client wants his/her car tuned (what the […]

Is Custom Dyno Tuning Better Than Installing A “Chip” Into The ECU?

With mostly well-known rail pressure/untunable “chips” (that are unfortunately very common in the diesel market), generally what happens is that the chip is plugged into your fuel rail pressure sensor circuit, which interferes with the fuel pressure signal to give a false reading to the ECU, to fool it into thinking that the engine has […]

Will A Custom Dyno Tune Affect My New Car Warranty?

Under the Consumer Law, a dealership or manufacture cannot simply “void” the warranty of a vehicle. They can REFUSE warranty – HOWEVER, this can only be done if, via evidence, they can PROVE that the custom dyno tune/modifications were the cause of the problem. For your peace of mind, we also provide our own UDT […]

Does Good Quality Fuel Avoid Engine Soot Build Up?

I’ve heard that if you use good quality fuel, then your engine won’t develop soot build-up. Is this true? That is incorrect! ALL engines that have an EGR valve WILL develop a build-up of soot (carbon). Although continuous use of diesel additives/conditioners or using very high-quality diesel fuel can lessen the effect of soot build-up, […]

Get Your Fuel Economy & Performance Back!

Has your diesel engine done over 50,000ks? It is heavy on fuel? Does it feel sluggish & is it blowing excessive black smoke? Do you want to get your economy, performance & driveability back to how it was when it was new?  Did you know that an Ultimate Diesel Tuning on-car chemical soot clean will […]

Clutches & Custom Dyno Tuning!

Is a clutch upgrade required if a custom dyno tune is carried out? Short answer: NO, not for most vehicles, but for some it’s a strong YES! A clutch is a consumable item that isn’t going to last forever. Much like brake pads do, it will wear down over time & require replacing or upgrading. […]

Reduce the Shock

Upgraded suspension Vehicle manufacturers are bringing out their independent front suspension (IFS) four-wheel drives with so little ground clearance. A little more would be great. As a standard vehicle will bottom out in the ruts even on an easy track to popular family beach and camping spots. This is something than can easily be solved […]

Cleaner Cooler Air

Advantages of Snorkel A snorkel, often referred to as a raised air intake, when fitted to your four-wheel drive moves the engines air intake from your airbox under the bonnet, to roof height. This has many advantages as described below: Less chance of water entering the engine when crossing rivers. Access to cooler cleaner air. […]

How Essential Is An Oil Catch Can?

Do I need an oil catch can? Oil catch cans are highly recommended for all direct injection engines. This is due to the small amount of blow-by that is present in a factory engine. This excess crank case pressure has been bled past the piston and the piston rings and into the crank case during […]

Stay Cool This Summer!

Intercooler upgrades An intercooler is an intake charge cooling device that is used on most turbo charged diesel engines. An intercooler cools the air compressed by the turbo, reducing its temperature and thereby increasing the density of the air supplied to the engine. There are two main types of intercoolers that are available. They are […]

Unlock your engine’s hidden potential!

Unlocking your engine’s hidden potential with remapping.

EGR – The Ugly Truth!!!!

*Warning… Graphic Content will shock Diesel vehicle owners!*