MORE torque, MORE power, BETTER economy – safely & reliably!


  • Around 25-35% more peak torque (EVEN MORE in a lot of cases!)
  • Around 25-35% more peak power (EVEN MORE in a lot of cases!)
  • Excellent gains in both power & torque across all rev-ranges
  • Reduced turbo lag (get RID of that horrible & dangerous delay/flat-spot on initial acceleration when you are pulling out of intersections etc.)
  • Complete throttle control (this means no more “throttle lag”, you will be in control!)
  • No more EGR related issues (no more clogged inlet manifold, provided that a catch can is also fitted!)
  • Reduction in fuel usage by 5-10% (in most cases, this is dependent on how the owner drives it – the heavier you are on the accelerator pedal; the more fuel it will use. However, after one of our custom dyno tunes, you will use less pedal pressure to achieve the same acceleration as before)
  • Better & safer results than any generic & untunable “chip” on the market

Your turbo diesel vehicle will feel a LOT better in terms of power/torque output, acceleration, smoothness & driveability!

What is a custom dyno tune?

A custom dyno tune is the process of modifying the standard files & software within the car’s engine computer (called an “ECU”) to enhance & optimise the engine. This is to provide more torque, more power, more response, better driveability & better fuel economy for the vehicle. There are no replacement parts required & this procedure is carried out here, in-house, at Ultimate Diesel Tuning by our experienced engine tuners/engineers by utilising the vehicle’s factory OEM engine computer & our in-house machine, called a dynamometer (referred to as a “DYNO” – see below).

What is a dyno?

A dyno is a device/machine for measuring force, moment of force (torque), or power, plus other engine vitals. A vehicle is driven onto the dyno via ramps & strapped down. It is then driven on the dyno, allowing us to replicate road driving conditions at different speeds, RPMs, elevations & loads. The dyno’s computer will then record all the vitals such as power & torque, plus other important engine readings like air & fuel mixtures & turbo boost pressure, as the vehicle is run on the dyno. It is a very important piece to the puzzle when it comes to tuning a vehicle properly.



Here at UDT, not only do we have several years of combined diesel custom dyno tuning & mechanical experience, but we have also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into required master tuning specialised equipment & staff training to achieve the best result possible for our customers.

At all of our performance centres, we have new in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometers (that cater for both 4WD & 2WD vehicles) & all tunes performed are custom to each vehicle (not a generic flashtune), carried out to not only ensure a great increase in power, torque & response; but also to ensure that the tune is safe & reliable as well. This means that your vehicle will be 100% custom dyno tuned PROPERLY & individually by our experienced tuners/engineers using our master equipment & our in-house dynos – we will also perform the custom dyno tune to YOUR requirements & goals, also with your engine condition/age in mind.

A custom dyno tune by UDT is 100% NOT a just a generic tune from another vehicle that’s loaded into your ECU, with a provided “before” & “after” dyno sheet (which is unfortunately very common in this industry to do). We will ensure that you receive the best possible performance result, safely & reliably. We will totally transform your vehicle’s performance to the extent that if its ECU is put back to standard, you will notice the difference immediately – it will feel terrible to drive to you, it will be sluggish & you will feel that it’s very low on power! It is our experience & our attention to detail & care that we believe sets us apart from other workshops & tuners.


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