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Benefits of a Intercooler Fan Kit by Ultimate Diesel Tuning.

If you tow with your LandCruiser, then we highly recommend fitment of a PWR Thermo Shroud Kit. These kits sit on top of the factory top-mounted intercooler and comprise of twin thermo fans and an intercooler shroud. The kit fits very neatly under the factory bonnet with no cutting required. The fans push airflow through the intercooler core, giving the following advantages for your Cruiser:

  • Much more consistent airflow to your engine
  • Greatly improved intercooler efficiency
  • A large reduction in engine heat soak
  • More consistent intake air temps at low speed and high load scenarios, making the engine more efficient and cooler

Frequently asked

Why get a Intercooler Fan Kit?

PWR fan kits comprise of twin fans that mount straight on top of the intercooler, plus a fan shroud that fits neatly around the fans. These kits are highly effective in getting rid of heat soak in the engine bay as they force the cool air from outside the engine bay directly into the intercooler. This gives multiple advantages such as much more consistent airflow into the engine; improved intercooler efficiency and more consistent air intake temps at low speed and high load scenarios, which in turn makes the engine more efficient and cooler.

What is heat soak?

The heat generated from the engine can radiate to, and affect, the cooling components in the engine bay, such as the intercooler and radiator. This is referred to as “heat soak” and results in the cooling components then not being able to efficiently disburse the excess heat out of the engine bay. This is very common & occurs in situations such as when towing, driving on the beach or offroad at lower speeds; when the ambient air intake temperature is hot; and if you have a big front bar/bullbar/winch fitted, which is restricting airflow to the intercooler & radiator.

What are the performance benefits?

Due to increasing your engine’s efficiency and cooling properties by dropping heat absorption levels, an intercooler fan kit will give your engine more consistent power and torque, and assist to maintain this for a longer period of time across the rev-range. Whereas with heat soak present (without the intercooler fan kit), your engine’s peak power and torque will not be consistent and will drop off a fair bit earlier in the rev-range. Heat reduces power.

The Ultimate Diesel Tuning DIFFERENCE.

Here at UDT, not only do we have several years of combined diesel custom dyno tuning & mechanical experience, but we have also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into required master tuning specialised equipment & staff training to achieve the best result possible for our customers.

At all of our performance centres, we have new in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometers (that cater for both 4WD & 2WD vehicles) & all tunes performed are custom to each vehicle (not a generic flashtune), carried out to not only ensure a great increase in power, torque & response; but also to ensure that the tune is safe & reliable as well. This means that your vehicle will be 100% custom dyno tuned PROPERLY & individually by our experienced tuners/engineers using our master equipment & our in-house dynos – we will also perform the custom dyno tune to YOUR requirements & goals, also with your engine condition/age in mind.

A custom dyno tune by UDT is NOT a generic tune from another vehicle that’s loaded into your ECU, with a provided “before” & “after” dyno sheet (which is unfortunately very common in this industry to do). 

We will ensure that you receive the best possible performance result, safely & reliably. We will totally transform your vehicle’s performance to the extent that if its ECU is put back to standard, you will notice the difference immediately – it will feel terrible to drive to you, it will be sluggish & you will feel that it’s very low on power! It is our experience & our attention to detail & care that we believe sets us apart from other workshops & tuners.

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