We custom dyno tuned Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins’ brand new VW Amarok V6!

EXPLAINED! Dynos & Custom Dyno Tuning!

“Soot Clean” & custom dyno tune explanation video
Toyota Prado soot clean & custom dyno tune! 50% more torque!
UDT Lifestyle Video – MORE torque MORE power BETTER fuel economy!
Mitsubishi Triton MN: soot clean, exhaust, intercooler & custom dyno tune! 40% more torque!
Oil Catch Can – what does it do?
Upgraded Exhaust System – what does one do?
Custom Dyno Tune – what will it do?
VW Amarok 2019 model – V6 – custom dyno tune! 31% more torque, almost 650Nm at the wheels!!!
Toyota HiLux N80 2019 (facelift model) exhaust + custom dyno tune for towing – 30% gain in power!
BMW 320D custom dyno tune! 38% more power!
Ford Ranger PX III 2019 model – see what we have done to Rob’s new daily driver!
Upgraded clutch kits are crucial for Hiluxes, Landcruisers & Colorados if you want more grunt!
Mercedes X Class custom dyno tune! New V6 engine! Check it out…
Mazda BT-50 2019 model – DPF-back exhaust & custom dyno tune!
Toyota HiLux N70 3litre 2015 model AUTO – Ultimate Package! 36% gain in torque for towing duties!
Mitsubishi Triton MR 2019 model – custom dyno tune only!
Holden Colorado RGII 2014 model auto – lots of mods!
Isuzu D-Max RA 2011 model, “EGR Package” – 59% gain in peak torque!
N80 Toyota Hilux Remap
2017 Toyota Hilux with Unichip
79 series Landcruiser UDT vs competitor
Mitsubishi Triton MQ
Ford Ranger PXII
Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79
2008 Nissan Patrol
Ford Ranger
N80 Toyota Hilux with Unichip
2008 Mazda BT50