We custom dyno tuned Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins’ brand new VW Amarok V6!

EXPLAINED! Dynos & Custom Dyno Tuning!

“Soot Clean” & custom dyno tune explanation video
Toyota Prado soot clean & custom dyno tune! 50% more torque!
UDT Lifestyle Video – MORE torque MORE power BETTER fuel economy!
Mitsubishi Triton MN: soot clean, exhaust, intercooler & custom dyno tune! 40% more torque!
Oil Catch Can – what does it do?
Upgraded Exhaust System – what does one do?
Custom Dyno Tune – what will it do?
VW Amarok 2019 model – V6 – custom dyno tune! 31% more torque, almost 650Nm at the wheels!!!
Toyota HiLux N80 2019 (facelift model) exhaust + custom dyno tune for towing – 30% gain in power!
BMW 320D custom dyno tune! 38% more power!
Ford Ranger PX III 2019 model – see what we have done to Rob’s new daily driver!
Upgraded clutch kits are crucial for Hiluxes, Landcruisers & Colorados if you want more grunt!
Mercedes X Class custom dyno tune! New V6 engine! Check it out…
Mazda BT-50 2019 model – DPF-back exhaust & custom dyno tune!
Toyota HiLux N70 3litre 2015 model AUTO – Ultimate Package! 36% gain in torque for towing duties!
Mitsubishi Triton MR 2019 model – custom dyno tune only!
Holden Colorado RGII 2014 model auto – lots of mods!
Isuzu D-Max RA 2011 model, “EGR Package” – 59% gain in peak torque!