Fitment of an oil catch can will help to remove the other ingredient that produces “soot”, which is oil vapour. Oil vapour is produced due to engine “blow-by” from the crank case getting forced up & venting into the intake. It then mixes with the intake air, subsequently lining components such as intake valves, inlet manifold, intercooler, turbocharger plus others with a coating of sticky oil, which will solidify, affecting the engine’s air flow ability & reducing efficiency.

Due to its fitment position on the engine, a catch can will “catch” or prevent the oil from re-entering the intake tract, providing a purer & much cleaner vapour-free air mixture for entering the intake of the engine. So, no more caking-up for the intake components & when combined with one of our UDT “soot cleans” & a UDT custom dyno tune; this will ensure that your engine is running the most power possible & you will get back your fuel economy!

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