Here at UDT we highly recommend replacing the restrictive factory OEM exhaust system with an upgraded & much more free flowing item, namely a turbo-back system for vehicles without DPFs, or cat-back systems for vehicles with DPFs. This flow improvement will remove the bottleneck that was the standard system & once we have carried out our custom dyno tuned to suit it, a turbo-back system will aid further in improving turbo response (say goodbye to even more of that horrible down low turbo lag on take-off); reduce back pressure (air will now flow through the exhaust with ease) & in most cases give the engine a nice sound.

Our mandrel-bent exhaust systems are fabricated in high quality stainless steel & we have spent a lot of time designing these systems to ensure that they look & sound good AND fit properly AND don’t rust! With quite a few options for these, it’s best to speak to us about it so we can recommend the best system for your vehicle.



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