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What Is The Process For Tuning A Turbo Diesel Engine?

Each vehicle is individually custom dyno-tuned via our tuners/engineers, on one of our in-house dynos. This calibration is customised with a lot of factors considered, including the age/condition of the engine; what the vehicle is used for (ie. city driving, highway driving, 4x4ing, towing etc.); & how the client wants his/her car tuned (what the goals are with it ie. max grunt, better economy etc.). Each of our UDT stores has its own in-house 4WD/2WD Dyno Dynamics dyno & our tuning process is centered around testing & tuning the vehicle on the dyno, in a safe environment – we can tune AWD/4WD cars, as well as RWD & FWD cars. It’s important to ensure that the engine is tuned properly & safely in order to achieve the best outcome possible for the customer.

Prior to the vehicle being tuned by us, we carry out a full inspection of it to ensure that everything is in good order for our tuning procedure to commence. We then strap the vehicle down onto the dyno & run it to check for any possible underlying issues & to get a base run in power, torque, boost & AFRs (air:fuel ratios) etc. If all is good, then we commence & complete the custom dyno tune/ECU remap. The vehicle will then be taken on a roadtest on the streets around our workshop (limited to 60kph in Brisbane & 80kph in Melbourne) to ensure that driveability off the dyno after the tune is great. If there are any issues with the car, then it goes back on the dyno for rectification/diagnosis. All up our dyno tuning procedure takes a number of hours from start to finish, so it is best to allow a full day for a booking.


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