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Will A Custom Dyno Tune Affect My New Car Warranty?

Under the Consumer Law, a dealership or manufacture cannot simply “void” the warranty of a vehicle. They can REFUSE warranty – HOWEVER, this can only be done if, via evidence, they can PROVE that the custom dyno tune/modifications were the cause of the problem. For your peace of mind, we also provide our own UDT Warranty too – so if there is any damage that IS proven to be caused by our tune, then we will take care of that for you (match your new car warranty terms & conditions), so you are covered either way. Rest assured though, we custom dyno tune 3 vehicles each day per UDT workshop & problems due to our remaps are extremely rare. So contrary to how a dealer representative may inform you; a custom dyno tune/ECU remap will NOT void new car warranty! Contact our office for further information on this topic.


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