How we custom dyno tune a car!

Let’s talk about the experience you’ll get when you book your vehicle in at Ultimate Diesel Tuning for a custom dyno tune. It’s really important you get a good understanding of the process and how we do it!

When you book your vehicle in at one of our performance centres, either over the phone or in person, you’ll be speaking to one of our Diesel Experts about the process of your vehicle’s use. So, what your vehicle is going to be used for and also what you’d like to see from improvements from the tune for your vehicle. That information will then be passed on from our Diesel Experts to our staff in the workshop and Engineers, who are going to custom dyno tune your vehicle.

When your vehicle comes into the workshop on its book-in day, it then goes through the all important pre-tune inspection to ensure, mechanically, that the vehicle’s in good order and there’s no underlying mechanical issues.

It’s then time to bring it in the dyno room and onto the dyno – where we reverse your vehicle up onto the dyno, and it’s then strapped down onto the dyno.

We then connect to your vehicle’s ECU and start the tuning process by extracting the data from your vehicle, out of the ECU, to start that true custom dyno tuning process.

When we run your vehicle up on the dyno it’s like driving it on the road, so we’re actually driving it at partial throttles. But to get the base runs in power and torque, we do what we call a “full power/torque” run through the entire rev-range to log that data and the figures that it produces.

So once we’ve completed this on the dyno in standard form, we then commence tuning of your vehicle, and this is where our Engineers go into the depth of changing parameters within the ECU to ensure that we get the desired result for you and your vehicle.

This is where we take into consideration the age of the vehicle; what you’re using the vehicle for and also what’s being towed behind the vehicle if you are towing. And these are really important facts to ensure that we can truly custom dyno tune your vehicle for you properly, so that the tune is safe and reliable for what you use your vehicle for.

We also need to change, within the ECU, parameters such as: injector duration; torque limits; boost pressures – all these are truly how we custom dyno tune your vehicle, and a lot more other details and parameters as well to perfect the tune.

Once we’ve completed our custom dyno tune, and the Engineers are happy for the vehicle and the outcome the tune has achieved, we then do the final power and torque runs on the dyno, which gives us that good comparison between what the vehicle is like standard to custom dyno tuned.

It then the comes off the dyno and it’s taken for a road test to ensure that everything is right and it is driving as it should be – nice, smooth, with a noticeable increase in power and torque, as well as much better response/much less turbo lag upon initial acceleration.

Then, when you come to pick up your vehicle, we give you a nice marketing folder to explain the before and after results from your custom dyno tune, as well as that you then drive out with a brand new vehicle that’s completely different from when you dropped it off!

Well there you go guys, that’s the process of us custom dyno tuning your vehicle at Ultimate Diesel Tuning.

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