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Can custom dyno tunes be wiped?

One common question that we do get is:  can my custom dyno tune be wiped & if so, how?

The only way your tune can be wiped is if a dealership overwrites your tune file. This can happen if they do software updates to the ECU, usually after it’s been in for certain types of recalls. There is no other way that it can be wiped or lost – something like a flat battery will not do anything to your tune.

How to tell if it’s been wiped is easy – your car will feel like it did prior to when we carried out the custom dyno tune. So, it’ll be sluggish, feel down on power & have lots of turbo lag.

The tuning that we carry out is a software-based solution that is customised on the dyno. We always have a copy of your original tune, which can be reloaded at any time, based on your requirements for most vehicles. We save everyone’s original file & everyone’s tuned file in a big database. If we are able to reload your tune file, then we will do so free of charge. However, If a dealership overwrites your tune file with a newer software version, then we may not be able to load your tune file as the dealership has inserted that newer software into it. In simple terms, you can’t put older software over the top of newer. If this happens, then it will need a full retune, so to help you out, we will retune your vehicle on the dyno, as in another full custom dyno tune, at a reduced cost to you. This only happens with a small number of vehicles though, so the chances are that we will be able to just reload your tune file for you.

We’ll also note that at any time, we can also return your car back to factory, free of charge, should it need to go into a dealership for any reason. It is 100% reversible. This is NOT a refund though!

If we have custom dyno tuned your vehicle, then it’s very important that you speak to us first if you have any concerns with your vehicle & it needs to go to a dealership, whether it is a diff or transmission issue, engine issue etc, we would like to be your first point of contact so we can offer you advice & instructions of what to do, moving forward. Don’t book it into a dealership or another mechanic without calling us first.

For further information, give us a call & speak to our diesel experts.

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