This awesome looking Everest that tows a heavy load, now has a lot more GO!

This 2022 model Ford Everest, with the 3.2L 5-cylinder turbocharged engine in it, came into our Gold Coast performance centre for a custom dyno tune. As it only has a low 20,000 kilometres on the clock, it doesn’t need an on-car chemical soot clean carried out it – we still inspected the inlet manifold though to confirm that it wasn’t contaminated with soot. As with all vehicles that we custom dyno tune, our Engineers worked closely with the owner of this vehicle in finding out what his goals are for the tune and what his uses his vehicle for to tailor the custom dyno tune properly for this vehicle. It’s used as a daily driver, and it also tows around 3 tonnes from time to time. This Everest looks great and it also has a couple of mods, including the front bar and upgraded 32-inch tyres.
THE RESULTS:  In standard form, this Everest had 88 kilowatts of power and 320 Newton meters of torque. It’s all-wheel drive, so that’s at all 4 tyres. After we completed the custom dyno tune, it went up to 107 kilowatts of power and 423 Newton meters of torque! Now that’s a 32% gain in peak torque and 22% gain in power for this Everest, with excellent gains in both power and torque across the rev-range.


+ 22%

+ 32%



Work Performed by Ultimate Diesel Tuning

Ultimate Diesel Tuning Custom Dyno Tune

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