On-Car Chemical “Soot Cleaning”

What exactly is “soot?” What does it do? How is it BAD for diesel engines? How does UDT clean it out?


Soot is restrictive sludge, which develops inside diesel engines & looks like black tar. It is caused from dry exhaust gases (that develop & are re-circulated inside diesel engines due to the operation of the engine’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation “EGR” valve) mixing inside the engine with wet oil crankcase vapour (which is also recirculated into the upper engine), creating the tar-like sludge. It will then quickly cake the inner linings of the intake manifolds & intake, plus the intake valves inside the cylinder head/s, amongst other engine parts. It restricts air flow, contributing to reducing the engine’s efficiency & performance (a lot of the time drastically), plus causes poor fuel economy & actually ultimately reduces the life of the engine. This happens in ALL diesel engines, particularly the common-rail turbo-diesel engines (from 2005 onwards),  with the earlier diesel engines fitted with EGR valves being affected by it too.

So, what do you do about it? It needs cleaning out – PROPERLY! This will restore your robbed power, torque & economy immediately!

Our “soot cleaning” procedure, as explained above or HERE in our video, works extremely well.  Other methods available such as aerosol cans or mobile on-car treatments, are not as effective. Removing the manifold is one way to do it properly, but that involves a fair few replacement parts, can be very messy to do & at the end of the day it won’t clean it off the cylinder head internal components where it congregates – the cylinder head/s really need to be removed to clean it out properly. Your vehicle is a great investment for you, so you need to ensure that you’re getting the best result possible, which is why we regard our method the best option available & the best value for money.

Our procedure of “soot cleaning” involves our top-of-the-line on-vehicle machine, which we hook up to your engine. The machine will then circulate a powerful solution through the engine, completely breaking down & removing the soot build-up from the front of the inlet manifold all the way to the valves inside the engine, in the direction of airflow (which is where it is restrictive). It all then dissipates/dissolves down & burns out through the exhaust as a vapour, not solid material, so it is harmless to the engine. The procedure takes a good 4 hours to complete, possibly more, depending on how contaminated the engine is & will use litres of the solution too. Sometimes, we use a couple of treatments to get it clean. Afterwards, we give it an engine oil flush & renew the engine oil & oil filter to ensure that all deposits are gone from the engine entirely. This will give you back your missing power & torque immediately & should also improve your economy!


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