This Is One Immaculate 79 Series Landcruiser

This immaculate Cruiser came to us for a custom dyno tune. He’d already upgraded the clutch, which is crucial with these rigs as the factory clutches in them are not strong enough to handle the insane gains in torque that we always achieve for them with a custom dyno tune. The owner had also already fitted an upgraded DPF-back exhaust system to it with a much more free-flowing muffler as well. As you can see it’s had a lot of custom work performed – GVM upgrade; ARB front bar with winch; brush bars; roof racks; side steps and an impressive custom rear canopy that is fully kitted out with plenty of weight inside it. There is also a large water tank underneath as well as an extra fuel tank underbody. All of this equates to extra weight, plus it tows a large off-road caravan and extremely heavy machinery as well. The owner was super underwhelmed with the standard torque output that his Cruiser had, so he came to us for a lot more power and torque to help with his towing, as well as an improvement in driveability. So, we carried out the custom dyno tune to suit the engine’s age, the vehicle’s weight, the weight which it tows, as well as what the owner’s goals for the tune were.
THE RESULTS: In standard form, this LandCruiser had 93 Kilowatts of power and 290 Newton meters of torque, both at the rear wheels. After we completed the custom dyno tune – it went up to 135 Kilowatts of power and 553 Newton meters of torque! These gains equate to over a 46 percent gain in peak power and 91 percent gain in torque for this awesome rig! And won’t the owner notice that extra grunt now not only when he’s towing his van or his machinery, but also just in normal driving conditions as well.


+ 46%

+ 91%



Work Performed by Ultimate Diesel Tuning

Custom dyno tune to suit the vehicle’s use and the owner’s requirements

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